LOFT LIVING - loft extension

Our project Loft expansion is included in the book LOFT LIVING by Florian Heilmeyer, published on December 15th, 2016 by CALLWEY Verlag.

Available here: CALLWEY – LOFT LIVING

About the book:
The loft living concept stands for urban nonchalance and industrial charm and is increasingly in demand. The Callwey book “Loft Living” gets to the bottom of the charm of living with loft using historical examples, reference projects and the unique transformation of Berlin’s opera lofts. Author Florian Heilmeyer gives an entertaining tour of the work: How did unused factory floors revolutionize our ideas about living? How does the architecture scene interpret contemporary lofts? And how was an old costume factory in Berlin Mitte transformed into a coveted luxury residential complex? Take a look behind the scenes of the planning in this documentary volume on the Opera Lofts project and experience the construction process piece by piece. At the heart of the book are the impressive before and after photo series. An extraordinary source of inspiration for builders with special requirements and architects who deal with complex renovation and remodeling measures.

Read the book pages with our project here as a pdf. document.